The LynkTek API Framework adapts
to your application’s fields without
custom programming.

The LynkTek API Framework is the most flexible API product available for connecting fintech products to core banking systems. An existing export from your application can be used to map your application’s field names to the different core provider’s fields allowing you to focus on your application, not the core banking system integration.

The LynkTek API framework allows mapping your existing field names to the different core banking fields through our API calls, which reduces the complexity in the integration process. The LynkTek framework provides you with the ability to:

  • Replicate integration across different core products.
  • Define unique integration at the core product or financial institution level.
  • Provides for field validation and translation.

The framework is available for your team to use, or we offer Professional Services where our technicians perform the effort for you.

Unlocking the secret of speed.

Eliminating custom programming is the key to quicker core banking system integration. Fast, secure core banking integration can easily be achieved through the LynkTek Framework.

Use your existing application’s data export to map directly to core banking fields.
Test API integration with core banking systems.
Go Live. The LynkTek Framework reduces your development time & integration cost.

How LynkTek Integration Works:

Map. Connect. Go.

Our philosophy is to work smarter not harder, and if it’s complicated… simplify it. This philosophy led us to re-think how things should be done with core banking integration. Other integration platforms require development for your application to utilize the platform or extensive development for the platform to add capabilities to meet your integration needs.

The architecture of the LynkTek API framework allows LynkTek to offer integration for your application to core banking systems or other external systems without requiring extensive development.

Where security becomes confidence.

Focusing exclusively on cloud native API integration allows LynkTek to provide the latest, most secure technology for your core banking integration needs. Keeping our customers ahead of the ever-changing technology landscape providing secure integrations you can count on.

Take Control

LynkTek gives you the ability to easily define your own real-time integration with the different core banking systems. You can now create custom mappings for different core banking products or individual clients without performing custom programming.

After your fields are mapped to the first core provider, LynkTek will apply your application’s mapped fields  to the remaining core banking systems supported by LynkTek.

Create custom mappings for individual clients without performing custom programming.

Define additional fields for integration without relying or waiting on LynkTek to make them available.

Define your own real-time integration with the different core banking systems with ease.

Leadership Team

Ron Moses

President & CEO
Ron Moses on LinkedIn
Ron is the co-founder and CEO of LynkTek, an organization created to offer an API Framework to fintech organizations delivering solutions to the financial services industry. He brings over 30 years of experience in the core banking and financial services industry.

AJ Rogers

AJ Rogers on LinkedIn
AJ is the co-founder and CTO of LynkTek. AJ has extensive experience with APIs and native cloud-based applications. AJ also brings API integration knowledge of working with all the core banking products available in the U.S. today.

Dallas Seroski

Director of Development
Dallas Seroski on LinkedIn
Dallas’ experience includes building scalable cloud applications and working with an abundance of LOS and core banking products in a microservice environment.

Lee Shaver

Director of Operations
Lee Shaver on LinkedIn
Lee brings several years of core banking integrations and digital transformation experience to the LynkTek team. In his previous roles he’s helped fintech’s achieve their strategic goals of integrating their platforms into their client core banking systems through API and cloud native applications.

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